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Sunday, August 9, 2015


No matter how hard I try, I just cannot seem to leave well enough alone! A few weeks ago, after finishing the Frauberger bookmark, I couldn't help but be displeased with it. The chains in the onion rings were a little too long and the bookmark itself had a tendency to curve. So, I tinkered with it here and there, and polished up the pattern to the point that it now works out straight (for me at least).

This time I used two colors (Lizbeth size 80 White and Wildflower Garden). I really like the way it turned out and plan on trying another two color version. Here it is next to the original, and you can see how the first version curves:

Last but not least, for those who would like to try with the new stitch counts, please see the diagram below.

I only changed one thing, decreasing the onion ring chains by 1 stitch on each side. However, if you pull your chains tightly you may want to just stick with the original counts posted to my blog at the end of June. There is also a long connecting picot on the bookmark turns, which I briefly mentioned in a previous post. The extra note on the bottom left is for me, as I plan to try another version with the inner chains reduced to 9-9.