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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Still tinkering

I haven't tatted much these past couple of weeks, but I did manage to finish the Frauberger bookmark. I have yet to sew in the ends:

I was displeased with my chain tension in certain areas, and also wanted to see what would happen if I connected the corner floating rings together. So I started again, this time in Lizbeth Niagara Falls, size 80:

I found that the floating rings on the corners CAN be connected together, but one must make sure to keep the joining picots longer than usual. I didn't make my joining picots long enough to keep the turn perfectly straight, but I'm sure I can fix that with blocking.

I really should have finalized this in size 40 or larger before moving onto size 80. For me, it's harder to gauge chain tension in the smaller thread and to create stitch counts that will accurately reflect the pattern. I usually draft everything in size 20 and create a finalized working model before moving onto the tiny threads. This time I got a little impatient :)