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Design with me: Floral Heart (NEW)

Snowflake Blocking Template


Calculating the Height of Beaded Picots

Picot Height for Central Beads: Small Threads (this is an addendum to the post above)

Magic Squares

Deconstructing Magic Squares

Designing Magic Squares

iPad Design Tutorial

In this tutorial, I explain how to use an iPad to create tatting designs. Go to the Design Gallery tab to see what I have created so far.

Update: Click Here to read a post about an app called Amaziograph. I find this app to be superior to the Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad app that I had been using before.

Part 1: How to use Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad

Part 2: How to Draw a Design that can be Tatted

Part 3: How to Make a Rough Estimate of Stitch Count

Part 4: How to Begin Tatting Your Design

Part 5: Making Adjustments and Finalizing Your Piece

Inkscape Diagramming Tutorial

This is an in process tutorial about how to use Inkscape to create tatting diagrams. When it is finished, it will be close to 20 parts long. Inkscape is free to use and can be downloaded from the Inkscape website.

For a free diagramming template, Click Here

Click on the titles below to access parts of the tutorial:

1) Diagramming Rings, Chains, and Picots

2a) Another way to Draw Chains

2b) Drawing Symmetrical Chains

3a) Drawing Teardrop Shaped Rings

3b) Drawing Teardrop Shaped Rings (alternative method)

4) Duplicating, Resizing, and Rotating 

5) Grouping, Line Width, and Color 

6) Multicolored Elements: Lock Chains 

7) Drawing Split Rings in two colors 

7b) Split Rings in Two Colors: Part 2 

8) Using Guides 

9) Black and White Split Rings 

10) Using Layers and Drawing on Photos

11a) Drawing "Automatic" Pattern Repeats (Part 1)

11b) Drawing "Automatic" Pattern Repeats (Part 2)