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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mirror, Mirror

I tried to come up with a simple pattern to use for a design tutorial, and this is what happened:

Nonetheless, it does illustrate a good design tool. Mirrors can be used to simulate what a design will look like, especially when working with uneven draft material:

I should still be able to use the inner two rounds to show how to draw and take measurements on the iPad, and the outer two rounds as an example of how a design can be expanded upon. I call them rounds, though it can all be done with one continuous piece of thread. I absolutely hate cutting and tying!


muskaan said...

Oh, this medallion is absolutely Gorgeous ! Love the pattern - you have a natural flair for aesthetic designs ! And good illustration of using mirrors .

God's Kid said...

Your design looks wonderful!!! And I love the colors!!! :)