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Friday, April 4, 2014

A Tatter's Workbook

Over the past two years, I have amassed a sizable collection of tatting books.

I have a few favorites...among them is A Tatter's Workbook. Here it is, pictured with my own version of a workbook, contained in a binder purchased at Target.

I like this book, not for the patterns, but for the idea behind it. Someone in New England found an old binder filled with pages of tatting patterns complete with sewn in samples of the work. The binder is believed to have originated in the 1920's. The tatter who created this work remains anonymous and is simply referred to as "A Tatter."

Inside the 2001 publication, there are over 100 pages filled with images of the tatting and typewriter (sometimes handwritten) instructions for the work.

After purchasing this book, I often thought about how I could make my own tatter's workbook. A few months ago, when I started to design my own patterns, it became clear. I would put samples of my work and instructions into a binder as well.

And there you have it, my own tatter's workbook.


muskaan said...

This is a Very Practical And Neat Idea !!! Thanks for sharing it :-)
I'm going to try it out too, with all the vintage patterns & samplers. At present, they are 'floating' around getting booted from one box to other & I have a tough time rummaging through to find a tiny in point, I still haven't located a tiny little heart I'd made for my I Love Tatting Doodle trial :-(

GraceT said...

That's really cool! I'm sure in future you'll be glad you saved your notes and your tatting in this way. I've been encouraged to do the same with my little patterns and have yet to get that organised.

Robin Perfetti said...

muskaan, that's precisely why I've started doing this. I'm fairly certain that I threw away the first piece I designed, along with the instructions! I have one lonely photo of it saved on my phone.

Robin Perfetti said...

Hi Grace! You should put that together. Wouldn't it be neat if we had many tatter's workbooks floating around?

GraceT said...

You're right, I should! Trouble is, it's more fun to tat... ;-)

Jenn said...

I love this idea! Thanks for sharing Robin :). I enjoy reading your blog and following you as you design gorgeous patterns :).