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Sunday, June 8, 2014

iPad Design Tutorial: Introduction

If you have an iPad and are interested in designing, part one of my five part tutorial begins tomorrow. I will post one part each day and come back to make edits if anything is unclear, so if you are following along and have any questions, don't hesitate to ask in the comments below each post.

I find that using an iPad is a great help when brainstorming symmetrical designs such as snowflakes, flowers, small doilies, squares, butterflies, and crosses. If, on the other hand, you prefer making edgings, large doilies, or more free form shapes such as animals, then iPad design may not be for you.

I've broken up my tutorial into five parts in an attempt to provide as much detail as possible. They are as follows:

1) How to use Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad

2) How to Draw a Design that can be Tatted

3) How to Make a Rough Estimate of Stitch Count

4) How to Begin Tatting Your Design

5) Making Adjustments and Finalizing Your Piece

As you follow along with the tutorial, please keep in mind that I will be sharing what has worked for me, but that my methods may not work for you. Each of us has our own preferences, and I know a lot of you won't be keen to use the iPad to design at all. It is a very tedious process, as you will soon see!


West Pine Creations said...

I don't have an i-phone but a galaxy tablet. What program is comparable to it?

Robin Perfetti said...

Try looking for any App that draws Kaleidoscopic images. I've also found a Mandalas App that works okay. If none of these apply, you can also try using the free design software for the computer on Elaine's blog which I have linked to in Part 1. Hope this helps!

Robin Perfetti said...

I've just run a quick search...I wonder if Magic Doodle would work on your tablet? I will update post #1 with the information