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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tat-along: Stawasz Mega Doily

I'm joining the tat-along of the huge Jan Stawasz doily at InTatters. It's been difficult to keep up with Rachael and Grace, but here I am with three rounds completed:

This is tatted in DMC Cordonnet Special size 100 white. It's my first time using such a small thread, but it's a lot easier than I expected. DMC is very smooth so all of the rings glide closed effortlessly. My size 15 mini crochet hook works really well for joining very small picots.

So far, the doily measures 4 inches across. Here is another photo for an idea of it's size:

I honestly thought it would turn out smaller than this. It's too bad DMC stopped producing size 150. I wonder what that would have looked like...

You can see the completed doily at Karen Cabrera's blog or at Elena Koval's blog. I've linked the relevant blog posts to their names above.

Jan Stawasz didn't name this pattern, so I'm copying Elena's idea of the "Mega Project" and will be calling this the "Mega Doily." I'm rather uncertain if I will be able to finish such a large project, but I will give it my best shot!


  1. Looking lovely as far, I look forward to watching your progress

  2. I did the same thing and realized how lacey things really look in the small threads! I was giving some perfect quilter thread to try and loved this brand slides great and such a delicate look too! Looks wonderful! now off you go to shop for nice quilting threads! :)

  3. hey I left a message on my blog for you

  4. Lovely, lacy tatting! I enjoy working with the finer threads, but I'm determined to use up the larger threads that I have. It may take a while!

  5. Wow! That is gorgeous! Looking forward to more progress pics and my copy of the pattern so I can join in too :).

  6. Wow there is a stunning piece! Are these patterns for sale somewhere please?

    1. Yes, you can buy the magazine with the pattern here: