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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Design Name Change

Hi all! Just a quick post to let you know that I've decided to change the name of the snowflake from my design tutorial from Isis, to "Design Tutorial Snowflake." As many of you know, the terrorist group ISIS has been in the news for the past few months. I had named my snowflake right before all of this happened, thinking of Isis as the Egyptian goddess. Just a few days after I posted my pattern, I heard about ISIS on the news. For the past few months I have been going back and forth trying to decide if I should change the name. After some email feedback I decided to go ahead with the change.

I didn't want anyone to be upset by the name, or to avoid tatting this snowflake. I also didn't want to look at my pattern anymore and be reminded of something which it does not represent. Right now, the current pattern override is 19.7 MB when it should only be 2 MB. I will take a closer look at that later. I will also go through my posts and make sure any relevant information has been corrected. Thank you for your understanding!


Karen said...

Your pattern shows such talent and beauty. "Design Tutorial Snowflake" fits so much better. Karen in OR

Margarets designer cards said...

It's a lovely snowflake, and worthy of the first name as an Egyptian queen, what a pity the terrorist group decided to use the same name, I am sure you will find a new name. I am going to tat your snowflake as soon as I can print off the pattern

StringyDogs said...

I, on the other hand, had wondered why a group of radicals had chosen the name of an Egyptian queen. And, it is initials, translated to English. So, even now their moniker is shifting.
But, your snowflake, a kin to Shakespeare's a rose, by any other name would still be beautiful.