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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Garden Cross: Square Variation

Not long after I started to tweak my cross design, I realized that I could make it into a repeatable motif. With only a minor adjustment to the outer rings it fits nicely into a square mat:
(This pattern can now be found in my Etsy shop)

I had a new ball of DMC Cordonnet Special in size 80 just waiting to be made into something. I like the look of the smaller threads for large doilies or expandable pieces. If I have the patience, I will add more squares to this mat to see how it looks as it grows.

Here it is next to the finished cross design. The cross is tatted in Lizbeth size 20, color #623.
A bit of a color clash going on between the pink and the dark green background, but I didn't feel like getting all the card stock out again for a new photo.

Here's the cross next to the drawing that it was based off of.
It took a bunch of tries before getting the stitch counts to where I wanted them, both for the cross and for the square variation. Here's a scan of all of the attempts:
I still need to draw up the diagrams, and then I'm thinking about adding this to my Etsy shop. After that, maybe I will get to work on the hexagonal motif from my Works in Progress post, to see if I can get it posted to my Free Patterns section.


  1. I like your cross and it does make a nice motif. Patterns that can be used in many ways are more interesting than those who just sit and can't be played with.

  2. The 4 joined motifs are simply fabulous, Robin ! There is so much going on that draws one's attention ... the negative spaces, the elegant curves, the chains of rings, ....
    And amazing patience from trial(s) to finale :-))

  3. You did a great job and this shows great imagination it is beautiful it is funny how someone and make a motif or pattern and then the next person can add to it and completely change it!

  4. This 'progression' is very impressive! Excellent design for both the cross and the mat!
    The cross looks quite perfect now and has a beautiful 'Celtic' shape.. . I have a feeling you'll be creating many more designs in the future!

  5. i really like this design. It's so wonderfully balanced.

  6. Thanks everyone! Making these diagrams has been keeping me busy.

  7. I put a reference to your snowflake pattern on my blog, I finally made one I messed up tiny bit on the clovers but I think not too many people will notice :) I plan to make others love your patterns!

    1. Thanks Carollyn! Will hop over in a bit to leave a comment. I didn't notice any mistakes :)