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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Unwinding Shuttles

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that I had accumulated a lot of unfinished projects. A cross, a bookmark, a few small doilies...all the result of design whims that got set aside. In an effort to free up some shuttles, I took the time to finish most of these small projects. One of them was an alternate version of the floral coaster that I worked on in January.

This is a follow up of an idea I had while working on the original concept of the doily. I wanted to try making the flowers smaller and increasing the number of flowers used in the last round (from 12 to 18). I think it gives the doily a more balanced look.

As I had done previously, I worked this pattern backwards. I tatted a circle of 18 flowers first, and then created a center to fit.

I really like this method for projects that have a time consuming outer round. It saves from having to cut and redo the last round when things don't work out. Instead, the inner rounds (which take much less time to tat), are cut off and redone.

Last week was also Billy's birthday. He turned 9 years old on February 28th. We buy him a cupcake every year so we can take a photo. We don't let him eat the cupcake, and normally he isn't interested in it at all. This year was a little different:

In his old age, Billy has developed a bit of a sweet tooth. He sampled the frosting and cupcake, but then decided to go back to his bowl of celery.

Which reminds me, I never posted my completed Tat it and See. Here is the rabbit that Jane Eborall designed this year. I didn't have any orange thread for the carrot, so I made a stick of celery instead. Billy doesn't like carrots anyways :)


God's Kid said...

Beautiful coasters!!! :)
Cute rabbits!! :)

Madtatter80 said...

love all the projects and your explanation of creation of doilies is fun to watch and see. Happy birthday to billy, and one of these day when I get into my shuttle making moods, I will make a trade for pattern for a bunny shuttle if you want to :), love the celery instead of carrot trick when out of orange :)

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

I really like them both.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Both of your coasters are very pretty! I think if you put a cupcake that close to me, it would be gone very quickly!

Bernice said...

Both bunnies look great. It must feel good to finish up a few projects, but my shuttles never stay empty for long as I've always have a new project waiting start.

muskaan said...

What an enjoyable read ! And your tatting is always perfect :-)
I remember seeing a lot of Billy's cute pics & antics on your Instagram(?) or some such site - couldn't stop grinning :-D
I like the 18 flowers - more compact & easy on the eye if you understand what I am trying to say - can't think of right description.

Robin Perfetti said...

I love your bunny shuttles, and they would be perfect for an Etsy shop (saw you were thinking of opening one). I'd have to offer you a lot more than just one pattern if we were to trade though!

Robin Perfetti said...

I may have posted a link to Flickr, or maybe YouTube? It's been years since I've been active on those accounts. Billy's most famous YouTube video is called The REAL "Energizer Bunny" and was taken when he was still a young bun. Nowadays he just likes to sit on the couch and guilt us into petting him :)

muskaan said...

I think you've just described both my DH & myself -- the sitting around (not the petting) part :-D

Jenn said...

Gorgeous coasters! Happy 9th Birthday to Billy :). He is adorable! Love the tatted rabbit too :).

Fox said...

That Billy is so gosh-darned cute!!!

Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely pattern, it's nice to use up thread and reclaim the shuttels for other projects.
Happy birthday to Billy he looks beautiful