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Monday, April 18, 2016

Square Coasters

My exploration of mini doilies and coasters has come to an end with this square design:

I drew this design a few years ago, when I had first stumbled upon the Kaleidoscope Drawing Pad app. At that time I wasn't aware of the behavior and limitations of ring and chain placement, and simply drew something that I thought would be aesthetically pleasing. I saved this pattern for last because I knew it would be a challenge and would require some deviation from the original concept. Here is the drawing side by side with the tatting. I think it came out pretty close to what I had in mind:

As always, it took a number of attempts to get here:

The attempts are displayed from left to right (like the page of a book) with the final being the white coaster in the lower right corner. I really should have stopped at the pink version above it but I wanted to play with colors and try a slight alteration in stitch count. In the end, I will be using the stitch count from the pink version as it has a bit more wiggle room for differences in tension.

Next I will be making some small edits to a couple of previous coasters and then it will be time to write up everything on the computer.


  1. Beautiful end result you have great design skills and fun to make and see!

  2. I'm amazed at what you're able to do with that little app. I've played, but haven't come up with anything worth trying. Maybe I'll be more inspired to play come summer. My eye was drawn to the pink one, so I'm glad that's the one you decided to use.

  3. I think you did a great job of translating your drawing into tatted lace. I'm very impressed. It's a perfect design for coasters.

  4. Brilliant! Thanks for showing us the steps because otherwise it looks too easy - in practice there's a lot of work to get from concept and drawing to the final pattern.

  5. I agree with earlier comments :-) I would opt for the pink, too. In fact, I like the 2-tone pink as well - it has a better negative space, uncluttered, when compared to the white.
    These would work well joined as motifs for a larger piece !

  6. Brilliant the way you show how you got to the pattern, I do like the square coasters

  7. Your pattern is perfect! You can still expand it. It is important.