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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


I decided to make a bookmark using the same triangles from my previous posts, this time in Lizbeth size 80 Rainbow Taffy.

Here's another photo of it in The Complete DMC Encyclopedia of Needlework, which I found for a few dollars at a local used book store:

I'm making a few more patterns (repeatable squares), and after that I will be finished with my triangle experiments. I'll make a post showing all of the triangle patterns together when I'm done.


  1. Totally awesome bookmark!!! :) Love the colorway, it's one of my favorites!! :)

  2. It is so pretty and looks so fine and delicate

  3. So beautiful ! At first glance it reminded me of your Priscilla bookmark ! The variegation creates lovely waves :-)

  4. Gorgeous and beautiful bookmark,
    Love the colour of the thread

  5. fantastic bookmark, and aren't you the lucky one with your book finds! I need to go shopping with you, or antiquing not sure if that is spelled correctly :(

  6. That is a great bookmark, and I really like the way you've created the tail! I think I need to look at my DMC book again!

  7. Lovely! I should take up reading :D

  8. Hi. Just wondering were we can find the pattern. Thanks if beautiful

    1. I've just been working on a (free) written pattern for this, which still needs to be proofread and tested. I'll make a blog post with the diagram and some basic details, either tonight or tomorrow. That way people can start on it without having to wait for me to finish up the full document :)