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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

From bookmark to table runner?

I thought some of you might be interested to see me turn a bookmark pattern into a table runner. I'm at the beginning stages now and will be working with this design:

A little backstory: Ever since I made a magic square, I wondered what other shapes could be tatted infinitely, in one pass. I thought about making a magic rectangle, and drew some possible paths for it. Since a bookmark is rectangular in shape, it seemed like a perfect building block for a magic rectangle.

To get started, I took a birds eye photo of the bookmark pictured above, and digitally spliced it together using an app called Photo Grid. I then drew missing elements using another app called You Doodle:

I soon realized that the magic square path would be too complicated for a rectangular project, and that it was much easier to zig-zag back and forth. Here is a sample of a zig-zag path, also drawn with You Doodle:

If you look closely, you will notice that the zig-zag path is not completable on the tatting pictured above. I have to redesign the midsection to create a continuous path which will allow me to travel from one "bookmark" to the next.

I often work with a lot of digitally altered images, which I keep stored in my iPad's photo album. It gives me a visual roadmap of where to take my tatting, and an idea of how the larger project will look. Next time, I'll show some of the redesigns involved in getting the zig-zag path to work.

Speaking of bookmarks, I've been talking to Dorothy Cochran over on Etsy (link to her shop), and she has sent me written instructions for the Priscilla Bookmark. I've updated the pattern to include these instructions, and you can find it on my free patterns page or directly by clicking here. Thanks Dorothy!


God's Kid said...

I am sure you will figure it out and it will be an awesome runner!!!! :)

Madtatter80 said...

This is fun to see and I was just looking at your magic square wondering when I will start it 😄 I felt like an idiot when I asked some one where they got the pattern for their beautiful doily, then she said you and silly me forgot about it and I even printed it out too!💖

Jane McLellan said...

Good to be able to use technology to work things out before you actually start tatting. I look forward to seeing your runner.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I do love rectangular pieces! I will enjoy seeing how this develops!

West Pine Creations said...

I just love it!

Margarets designer cards said...

I love the bookmark and lovely pattern

Lavi said...

You have great techniques for designing, I think we can all learn some useful tips from your splicing and drawing. I hope your magic rectangle turns out the way you like it. Would you call those onion clovers? :D
Your diagrams are always very easy to follow on their own, but thank you (and to Dorothy) for also adding the written instructions. I have noticed that some tatters prefer them.

Mary Victoria Webster said...

These are just lovely, like all of your designs! I do hope you keep going with the rectangular piece. And I am eagerly awaiting your collection of bookmark patters! I'm happy about the written Priscilla bookmark pattern. It reminds me of what a beautiful pattern that is, and I think it may be my next project! I love diagrams, but sometimes written patterns are a nice aid in tricky parts of a pattern.
Love that beautiful designer's brain of yours!

Robin Perfetti said...

Thanks everyone!

Lavi, yes you could call them onion clovers. The technique is pretty much the same as what I had been doing before (tat a central ring or ring group and surround it with a chain). I'll have to find time to explore some other shapes that can be made this way too.

Mary Victoria, I think I've got the stitch counts sorted out for the rectangular piece. Just tatting a sample rectangle to be extra sure. The thing I worry about is losing patience with a table runner, because it could take 200+ hours to finish!

Jenn said...

I love the look of the onion clovers and looking forward to what you come up with for a table runner pattern (or 3) :).

Shirla said...

I really like the way your mind works!! Keep it up, we are all enjoying this ride with you.