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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Re-organizing blog pages

Just a heads up, I am re-organizing my blog pages so that all the tutorial posts appear on one page. I've also created a Design Gallery page where I will be adding images of new designs as I create them. If you see something that is not working, let me know.

The Design Tutorial Snowflake file will still show the old reference to the "iPad Design Tutorial" page until I get back to my other computer, which has the original Inkscape file for this pattern. For some reason, I never transferred the Inkscape file to my laptop.


Madtatter80 said...

So far it all looks so well organized and every thing is in order, You are so sweet to do this for tatting! Thank You!

muskaan said...

I adore your Design Gallery page . It is interesting to see the graphics take shape in actual tatting :-)

I have also downloaded and all your Inkscape tuts & am printing them out . I have realised that I work better with a hard copy than solely on the net/computer. It also gives me the chance to jot down my own points, read & refer back as & when required, ..... My actual practice on the program will commence only later, though.

Again, thanks a heap for all your diligent and thorough work, as well all the patterns, Robin :-)

Robin Perfetti said...

I really must get back to making those Inkscape posts. They are high on my to do list. Yet, I've found myself distracted by designing again, this time with a heart pattern.