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Friday, March 13, 2015

An Update

I haven't been doing any tatting these past couple of weeks. Mom fell and broke her hip in three places, requiring surgery and a short stay at a rehab center. She's back home with dad now, who has been taking care of her, and seems to be feeling much better.

Before that happened, I did manage to tat a square based on the Priscilla Cross design from my previous post.

It's done in Lizbeth size 40 white and gold (colors chosen before that whole white and gold dress thing happened). It measures 3.75 inches across and 5 inches diagonally. Here it is alongside the cross. It's in the binder where I keep all of my designs and diagrams:

These two still need diagrams, which will be made as soon as I am able to concentrate on them.

In the meantime, I've been learning how to knit again. I find that knitting requires a lot less brainpower than tatting and can be done even when I'm half asleep. I've just been practicing my knits and purls with a simple knit 4 purl 4 scarf:

This little guy likes to join me on the couch, though I have to be careful...he likes to chew the paper wrapper as well as the yarn!

With the weather finally getting nicer, I decided to pick up a happier color of yarn at the store yesterday. I think my next project will be leg warmers with a simple cable design.

And, as soon as I am mentally rejuvenated, I will of course get back to tatting :)


3nereida said...


Madtatter80 said...

I am glad your mother is feeling better and I so want to knit, I know how and not that good at it but I think I need 4 hands and of course another brain too :) The little rabbit is so sweet I love him. I really like the square tatting, your tatting is alway perfect can't wait for the pattern but will :)

Jenn said...

Gorgeous tatted square :). Glad your mum is home and is on the mend :). Gorgeous scarf :). Knitting is great to do in front of the TV :). It's also the only craft I can do in the car. If I try to do any other craft (tatting, crocheting, reading etc), I get car sick!

muskaan said...

Are you Sure it's not blue & black ;-P
Your knitting is, as your tatting & tutorials, perfect ! Every stitch is even. Doesn't look like a beginner's ... Great job
And such a cute adorable mate to have as a supervisor !

You know my best wishes are always with you, Robin

Jane McLellan said...

I hope your mum has a speedy recovery to full strength. Yes, knitting does require less concentration than tatting ( mostly!) Love that square!

mb duke said...

Glad your mom is on the mend. Love the square variation of the Priscilla cross. Bet it would look great attached to several other squares to make a table runner or something.

Robin Perfetti said...

Thanks everyone :)

Muskaan, if I showed a close up of my knitting you would see the holes, snagged yarn ends, and unevenness when switching between knits and purls!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I think it's wonderful to have a variety of projects to choose from, and knitting is one that I find relaxing. I have to be careful not to choose a large project, though. I get bored easily!

Margarets designer cards said...

I hope your mum gets well soon and back on her feet.
I do a lot of knitting in the evenings, yes I did once fall asleep knitting a tablecloth in fine cotton on circular needles my mother woke me up just inches away from the end of the round, I had over a thousand stitches and the plain every other rows were so boring.
I love your square pattern and yes it is gold and white.

Claire said...

I really like your tatted square. How large is it? I am looking for patterns in order to make coasters...
Take care

Robin Perfetti said...

Hi Claire,
When using size 40 thread, the square is 3.75 inches wide, and about 5 inches measured diagonally. I held it against a coaster I bought at an art fair and it is approximately the same size. You could probably use size 20 thread as well, though I'm unsure of the finished dimensions in size 20.

Grace Tyler said...

Is that a pygmy rabbit? What a sweet friend!

Thank you for your free patterns and keep on knitting too! Another of my favorite crafts.

Robin Perfetti said...

He is a Netherland Dwarf, and is very tiny (just under 2 pounds). He is a little old man now, having just turned 8 a few weeks ago :)

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I would think you need a break after the intense designing and tatting you have accomplished, with great insight into the possibilities of using the computer; and you have generously shared all of that information!

I also find knitting to be a tension reliever. I'm working on a scarf right now - I'm keeping interested in the repetitious pattern (moss stitch, which doesn't 'curl') because the variegated yarn I'm using keeps surprising me with the 'pattern' that the colors are creating. Variegated yarns have improved greatly in the past 15 years, when self-striping yarns arrived on the scene, but they also can form attractive random 'patterns'. .

It appears you may be knitting continental style, which I do prefer, as it is very efficient. (Of course, it is useful to know both 'English' and continental methods, especially when using two different colors as in Fair Isle knitting.). I hold the thread the same way for knitting, crocheting and tatting!

Robin Perfetti said...

Not sure if I will ever get to Fair Isle knitting, that seems rather complicated! I'm still at the awkward stage of trying to get control over the basic movements. With my background in crochet, Continental knitting feels more manageable. Though I still find tatting to be much much easier than knitting, for the moment :)