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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Design mode, activated

While I've been writing Inkscape posts, I've also been tatting. Over time, I've accumulated a lot of drawings that are waiting to be turned into patterns. It typically takes me a long time to go through each design, but this time, I'm trying something different.

Instead of stopping to diagram each one on the computer, I'm filing them away in my binder for later use. I have sketched each diagram, which only takes about 5 minutes (as opposed to many hours on the computer). This stops me from losing the flow, and keeps me in design mode for a longer period of time.

Here is what I have churned out over the past few weeks:

The bottom two still need a bit of work. They are a variation of the same theme. Here are the top two next to their original concept drawings:

All of these, in addition to the snowflake I posted about before, still need proper diagrams. I'm holding off on that for now because, let's be honest, diagramming is no fun!

What I am having fun with is practicing turning drawings into tatting. I wonder if I will get quicker over time? The experiment continues...


  1. Wonderful designs and tatting, I don't care how long it took you :) they are beautiful to look at and when ever you make the patterns, I would to to make them up. Your items are always a great benefit to the tatting world
    great post Thank You Robin

  2. Those all look fabulous!!! :) You sure are talented!! :)

  3. I would love to be able to draw snowflakes and other patterns, but so far I've had no luck. I think I'll just enjoy what you and others are designing!

  4. Gorgeous snowflake designs and tatting :). Love them :). I look forward to when they are available :).

  5. Wow, really clever.' Churned out' makes the process seem routine, but these are far from routine and must involve many hours of work and inspiration.

  6. Perfect design... and clever way of drawing patterns.

  7. I really like your new creations, especially the top left one (on the four tatted pieces picture). Well done!