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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

One more...

My little collection needed another snowflake that could be tatted in one round. This one came together surprisingly quickly. It took a little over an hour to get the final stitch count, and three more hours to tat the snowflake. If only they all worked like that!

Holding the tatting up to the iPad helps a lot in determining if the pattern will work.

The closer I can get to the original drawing, the better my chances will be.


  1. A really pretty snowflake, and yes, it's a big advantage to be able to tat it in one round. It's good when a project just works out!!

  2. I do love snowflakes! I hope this pattern will be available soon!

  3. Another beautiful one Robin!

  4. Robin, it's the magic of the magic square again !!!! Fabulously elegant-ized with thrown trefoils & JRs ... So glad this was a quick and easy conversion of the virtual to real ... the magic lives on :-)

    1. You are very observant, I hadn't noticed that it resembled the magic square!

    2. It's just that having done the series of posts deconstructing the square, it is now firmly embedded within my brain ;-P And this is also the same progression (plus basic pattern) of the Jessica edging that I derived from Kersti's Jessica bookmark .

      You have done an Excellent job of converting it into a snowflake. :-)

      Mind you, this progression is quite fundamental & I see it being used /repeated frequently. It is easy to come up with the basics independently, and that is what happens.