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Friday, June 10, 2016

Taking an idea from Ninetta

I've spent the past few weeks fixing up the five petaled version of my floral coasters so that they can be tatted using either regular rings or split rings. Just like the six petaled version I talked about a few weeks ago, these needed some minor changes to make everything fit.

As I was looking over my written instructions, I thought that it would be neat to incorporate something I regularly see Ninetta use. If you take a look at any of her posts with patterns in them, you will see that she includes little drawings of shuttle and ball thread. These symbolize what is needed when tatting each pattern.

I drew up my own version using Inkscape and have been adding these little symbols to each round of my tatting instructions.

Hope you don't mind, Ninetta!

Update: Muskaan wanted to know if anyone would share the sketches. I've just updated my Free Diagramming Template to include the shuttle and ball drawings. Click here to access the new file (you must have Inkscape to open it). Please note that the sketches are not visible in the preview window, but will show up to the right of the page if you open it in Inkscape and zoom out. Objects have been grouped so you will need to ungroup them if you'd like to make edits.

For those of you who import photos into other programs (such as Word or iBooks Author) you can save the following images to your computer:

One Shuttle

Two Shuttles (disconnected)

Two Shuttles (connected)

Shuttle and Ball (disconnected)

Shuttle and Ball (connected)


Bernice said...

When I see these on a pattern page I find them very useful. Great addition.

God's Kid said...

Those coasters look awesome!!! :) I know I am going to have to get the patterns when you have them available!! :)
Great idea on the symbols cuz' sometimes I have trouble knowing exactly what I need. :)

Siri Andersen said...

The symbols are a great addition to patterns. Especially for us beginners :)

Madtatter80 said...

They are sweet to look at. And we are on edge looking for these patterns to purchase :)

Ninetta said...


Jane McLellan said...

Good idea!

muskaan said...

Love the idea ! I have always admired Ninetta's concise, aesthetic diagrams ... may be I will borrow the idea too if one of you is willing to share the diagram with me (please don't make me reinvent the wheel by drawing again) ;-P
pretty please ?

Robin Perfetti said...


SandyC said...

Love this idea! The coasters are beautiful and I'm eagerly awaiting your patterns!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

I love that you are finding ways to make it easier for me to follow tatting instructions! ;-)

Margarets designer cards said...

I love this idea and helpful for tatters who do not speak the same language

muskaan said...

Thanks, Robin :-)
Will you be posting on your blog or sending an email attachment ?

Mandatory said...

Great diagrams, they are really clear and helpful.

Susie said...

Love your designs! Do be sure to let us know when the "pack" is available!

Robin Perfetti said...

Thanks, will do!