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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Updated Pattern: Garden Cross and Square

While the coaster patterns are out for testing, I have been revisiting a few of my "old" patterns. The Garden Cross and Square (available in my Etsy shop) was written in 2014, when I was first starting out with Inkscape.

Garden Square mat
Garden Cross

The twists and turns make this pattern complicated to follow and I have gotten a few requests for written instructions over the years. Well, I'm pleased to say that I have finally had the chance (and confidence) to do a full rewrite of the pattern. It has all new diagrams as well as a full set of written instructions.

I've updated the listing so that the new PDF file is available in my Etsy shop. However, I don't believe that Etsy has a way for people who have previously purchased the pattern to access new files. So, if you have bought this pattern from my shop before and would like the new instructions, could you please contact me so that I can email them to you? The best way to contact me is through the Contact Form on the sidebar of my blog or directly through my Etsy shop. That way you can be sure that I have your email.

In addition to this, I've also been taking a look at the Frauberger Doily. I never did get a proper pattern written for it, and am currently in the process of making that happen.

After that, the Frauberger bookmark also needs to be written up. Sigh...why am I always finding more things to add to my To Do list?


Madtatter80 said...

Wow you stay busy, and updating old patterns is great idea. You tatting is beautiful and nice to revisit some beauties :)

God's Kid said...

Absolutely stunning tatting!!! :)

PinhouseP said...

Both these designs are so beautiful! I have tatted the Frauberger doily twice, and it's a stunner. One I did in crochet thread (possibly size 10) and another in Lizbeth 80. On the small one, I removed one DS on each side of the trefoil on the outer round (the chain bit that is supposed to have 8ds). The "onion ring" looked a bit tighter and tidy this way. It is my favorite doily so far :)

If you'd like to see my Fraubergers, they can be found here:

Keep up your good work ;)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

You certainly keep yourself busy! I have not tried the Frauberger doily, but I may give it a try once I have a little more free time. ;-)

Robin Perfetti said...

Thanks! I saw that you learned to tat fairly recently. You've come a long way in a short amount of time! I've added you to my reading list so I can follow along (really interested in the vintage and antique style clothing).

muskaan said...

Thanks for reminding me of your lovely square motif ! It flows so beautifully forming patterns within patterns.
My to-do list probably weighs more than me & that is saying a lot ;-P