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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Pattern for Dillmont inspired bookmark

I received a comment on a previous blog post, asking if I had a pattern for this bookmark.

Coincidentally, I've been working on writing a pattern for this, but haven't gotten around to proofreading or testing it yet. However, I do have some diagrams ready.

It's a simple concept, but does rely on the use of split rings to travel from one triangle to the next. The pattern is based on Figure 23 (Triangular motifs) from Therese de Dillmont's DMC Library: Tatting, which was published in 1880. I think it was Kathy Niklewicz who directed me to her and Sue's experiments with this pattern.

I changed the stitch counts to be able to more easily go from one triangle to another. It starts as a simple "braid" which works well in size 20 thread:

Here is the accompanying diagram for the braid. Red indicates rings made with Shuttle 1 while blue indicates rings made with Shuttle 2. Rings with a line down the middle are split rings. All triangles have the same stitch count:

If you turn the corner and go down the other side, you can make it into a bookmark. This works better in smaller threads. The bookmark I made is done in size 80 but it would probably also work in size 40 thread. In size 80 it measures 1.6 inches wide and can be made however long you want:

Here is the accompanying diagram for the bookmark:

Following the same concept as the bookmark, you can zigzag back and forth to make a mat. I wanted to make my mat symmetrical on the left and right side, so I had to follow a more creative path to do so in one pass. Here is a photo of the mat:

And a diagram showing the order of operations for a symmetrical mat (please refer to the bookmark or braid diagrams above for stitch counts).

If you understand the flow of this somewhat complicated diagram, you can extend the mat to any length or width that you want. You can also just zig zag back and forth if you don't mind a mat that is asymmetrical.

Organizing the triangles in a different way will make a hexagon, which can be used as a coaster:

Here is the accompanying diagram for the hexagon. Like the diagram for the mat, it shows the path of completion, but does not have any stitch counts. Please refer to the diagram for the bookmark or braid for stitch counts, as they are the same in all triangles.

If the numbers aren't big enough in any of the diagrams, you can right click on the images and open them in a new tab.

I'm still working on a PDF file with all of these patterns and will post a link here when it is done.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Oh, so pretty! I'm not sure when I'll be able to try this one out, but it's definitely going on my to-do list!

Madtatter80 said...

Oh it is very nice of you to have the patterns ready and they look well made as usual :) I missed your last post and took a peek at it, and now I will read more tomorrow I have not been keeping up like I should. have a great week and keep tatting!

Jane McLellan said...

Ditto Diane's comment!

Sally Kerson said...

A beautiful bookmark and a great design

Anita - AnniesGranny said...

A really nice bookmark, I will definitely tat this. Thank you for the pattern!

muskaan said...

I always admired this bookmark, and your colourway makes it extra special :-) Definitely on my to-tat list, too ! Thanks for sharing

Małgoś 13 said...

Piękne są te zakładki. Dziękuję bardzo za udostępnienie wzoru.

God's Kid said...

They all look outstanding!!! :) I love that hexagon!!!!! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

Love the bookmark pattern, really lovely pattern thank you for sharing it

Ninetta said...

Very nice, I love your diagrams and the tatting too.

Sarah said...

Love how you designed it to travel between motifs - and thank you for sharing the diagram!

Kampung Gal said...

Hi! Such a nice pattern to practice split rings. I'm a newbie and I'm wondering if I can make one round medallion in 2 colors.

lequita hicks said...

Oh, so pretty! I must make one of those bookmarks. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful talent with us.