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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

100 Trefoils

My table runner is up to 100 trefoils now. It's about 20% of the way finished:

In the photo below, you can see the end of the table runner in the bottom left corner. This will hang over the edge of the table. I'm tapering it to give it more visual interest. The tapering is hard to see right now, but will become clearer as I progress with the design.

Here's a view from further back to get an idea of how the project will sit on the table. As you can see, there's still a long way to go:

Earlier this week, I received my order of Liz Metallic thread. I got Rose, Raspberry Pink, Sea Foam, Silver, Sand Dollar, and Gold Dust:

I thought it would be fun to make a flowery bookmark with metallic thread, and that's why I bought the Raspberry Pink and Sea Foam. I'm still not sure what I will make with the other colors.

I also wanted to continue my thread size comparisons for the Liz Metallic. In my last blog post, I found that the Liz Metallic is noticeably larger than the size 20 Lizbeth. At the time, I didn't have any size 10 thread to compare it to. Well, a few days ago, I managed to find some size 10 Red Heart crochet thread while I was out shopping. I still don't own any size 10 Lizbeth, but am hoping that the size 10 Red Heart is close enough. Here's how the three samples stack up:

The Liz Metallic is right in between the size 20 Lizbeth and the size 10 Red Heart. I'd call the Liz Metallic a size 15, if such a thing exists? 

One final thing before I close out today's blog post. In my last blog post, a few of you said I should submit my color idea for the Liz Metallic thread. Here's an update on that. In response to my suggestion to add a black metallic to the available colors, I was told that Handy Hands is not taking any color suggestions for the Liz Metallic. I was reminded several times that the thread is a metallic (and not a cotton) and therefore they cannot make any color they want.

I also took the opportunity to ask if Handy Hands is planning to expand the metallics to a smaller thread size in the future. The answer to this is also no.


Madtatter80 said...

First off that table runner is fantastic and it white too❤🐇❤I do so love white, and don't make it very often little black long haired dog...
And love the finding the true size for this thread😁I am still going to try to split it but under pressure with this spring doily trying to finish before tomarrow's next row. And so sad and very odd that you can't submit name and color on metallic thead. You so had that in the bag🤨 thank you for all your input and study with the thread, this is a great reference.

God's Kid said...

Your runner is absolutely stunning!!! :)
Your metallic color idea is wonderful and it's a shame they can't make it. Thank you for letting us know they are not planning on making smaller metallics!!

Margarets designer cards said...

Your table runner is coming along, certainly a long term project.
I look forward to seeing your progress,
Thank you for the interesting information about lizbeth thread, I did send them a suggest about lizbeth thread a long time ago and never heard anything. I buy my lizbeth thread in the uk so perhaps they only take suggestions from customers direct to handy hands

Lavinia said...

The table runner is very beautiful already. I think I can see the tapering effect you are doing, using increasingly longer rows for the middle (please correct me if I am wrong).
It is a real shame they don't want to take your suggestions for Liz Metallic. They could make it like the iridescent one, but in black... As a sidenote, it seems that size 15 does exist. I have some from Coats, called Aida.

Robin Perfetti said...

Thanks everyone!

Margaret, I think it's pretty common to get no response. I have submitted color ideas in the past and have heard back maybe half of the time. I'm pretty sure they accept ideas from everyone, just don't always acknowledge them.

Lavi, that's correct about the tapering. I'm coming up on the middle point with this next row, and after that will taper back down. Wish I could get it done faster though!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've done a LOT of work on this table runner already. It's going to be stunning!

Bernice said...

The table runner is looking great.

muskaan said...

Spectacular! Love the tapering.
20% is a very good rate :-)

Frivole said...

It's going to be amazing Robin! It looks fabulous already.

Robin Perfetti said...

Thanks all! Taking a little break from the table runner to work on a few bookmarks, but will be back to it in a few weeks!

cocoya said...

Your runner is absolutely stunning!!! :)

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